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As a nutritionist, I mostly consult with women who are undergoing fertility treatments or trying to conceive naturally. Like female infertility, male infertility is also on the rise, worldwide.

Similar Improve morphology sperm of trying to conceive at older ages, being under high stress, smoking, obesity, poor nutrition, chemical toxicities and genetic predisposition are also being correlated with poor sperm quality.

Even further — sperm quality is affected by oxidative stress from low antioxidant intakeinflammation from high sugar, high processed fat dietand some specific nutritional deficiencies. So, even if a man is advised to take some supplements to help sperm quality, are they the right supplements to help with their specific sperm quality issue?

Some natural supplements and vitamins...

And are they prescribed at a therapeutic dosage so that it will have an impact on sperm quality? Start by improving diet with a focus on minimally processed whole foods — the ones loaded with nutrients. Reduce exposure to chemicals and pesticides — learn Improve morphology sperm Dirty Dozen and avoid household chemicals.

How is a man tested...

Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake. Take a high-quality Multivitamin to cover baseline nutrition.

Learn how to reduce and balance stress — try weekly massages or walks with your wife. You can also meet with a nutritionist that specializes in fertility to learn about specific nutrients and recommended dosages to help with sperm quality focusing on low concentration, morphology, and motility. Undergoing fertility treatments can be frustrating and trying — for both people involved.

Dietary supplements or vitamins have...

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Sperm morphology is basically about...

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Blog Sign-up Subscribe to our blog Leave Blank: Sperm morphology is basically about the shape of the sperm. If the sperm is misshaped, it can't penetrate the egg & conception becomes compromised. You can take simple steps to have healthy sperm and improve your fertility.

the more sperm you have with a normal shape and structure, the. Supplements such as CoQ10 and alpha-tocopherol significantly improve sperm count.

Supplements such as CoQ10 and...

Also, carnitine has positive effects on sperm motility and morphology.

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