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It is called Facebook. It has become one major symptom therapists are seeing more frequently in their patients. Seeking a refuge from the scorching sun and passing leisure time on their hand, a large number of the youths had crammed internet cafes. On my way via the different towns of the Oromia and Gambella states as well as emerging towns in Ethiopia facebook love I had observed youths spending hours glued to Facebook. The acknowledged truth is that alcoholism and drug addiction and others have been the threats for societies.

But following the invention and introduction of internet new menaces are emerging because of inappropriate utilization of it.

One of my interviewee Engowam John says " I get so excited while I open Facebook pages and chat with friends. My Facebook friends are youths from my home town Gambella as from the other side of the world.

Wherever one goes the situation seems the same. Globally, a growing body of research in the area of addiction also suggests that Internet Addiction Disorder is becoming a real threat. It is a psycho-physiological disorder involving tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, affective disturbances and interruption of social relationships.

In when M. Suckerberg and co-founders launched Facebook from their Harvard doomit was with a mission of allowing people Ethiopia facebook love platform for sharing information and knowledge as well as making the world open and connected.

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The effort of the founders has bore fruits, sweet and Ethiopia facebook love alike. Many are using it to keep connected and informed but some unethical people are disgracefully misusing it for wrong ends. Facebook is great for communication, networking and planning events.

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It is a social media platform that was designed to connect people and observably it is achieving this Ethiopia facebook love a number of ways. However, Facebook's utility and popularity often masks its more psychologically damaging aspects, of which there seems to be three: All these are real, and of course can co-exist.

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But Facebook makes it all so easy and friendly. Back in Addis, this journalist has approached students to learn about FAD and their position. I used to spend long hours surfing and surfing. I used to rush to the internet cafe.

I can swear to you that smote by Facebook love, many students flunk or withdraw with poor grades. I know many friends who are Ethiopia facebook love in this fad to the neck.

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Ethiopia facebook love is no sign that they could mend their ways. The other interviewee I intercepted is a civil servant. He goes by the name Zewdu Kebede. He has the following to say " We look around we could observe this Ethiopia facebook love lurking in government offices too.

It is not few who drown themselves in the ocean of Facebook in lieu of giving timely service to clients. What a wastage of time!

During our zero time or discussion, the topic twists to latest releases on social media "While people come across or cross paths they talk much about the pictures that had gone viral. The other person whom this journalist approached is a teacher by profession.

He goes by the name Solomon Lemma. He has the following comment.

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