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Prior Catalyst research reveals that women and men senior executives have the same ambition and employ similar success strategies; yet, the gender gap in business leadership persists. Women executives report that they face an additional layer of cultural and environmental barriers to their achievement, which men only infrequently experience.

Chief among these barriers is stereotyping.

The corporate leaders who participated in this study men, women are part of a panel of senior leaders participating in a learning project run by Dr.

The study reveals that:. First I want to say thank you for this topic from the knowledge center.

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This topic of Stereotyping is so true about the study comparison of men and women. How it effects the way we compare in the work place or job interviews, but I feel something can be done by way of enhancing the intellectual abilities of one self by certain study programs, reading sociology, and talking to a professional about this ongoing subject for program ideas.

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This falls back on honesty and integrity. But to succeed in the goal set forth for us we need to be intellectually fit, to over come this process of challenged career advancement.

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