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I want to be a male sugar baby

Porn Base I want to be a male sugar baby.

Sugar dating is a rising global phenomenon, seeing young people opting out of traditional hook-ups and into arrangements whereby a usually older person splashes cash in return for company. It's a less common pairing, but Martin, a year-old masters student in Paris, tells me he has a female "sugar mama" 20 years his senior.

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Being a male sugar baby isn't what you think. But what's it really like? After living frugally, counting pennies after moving to the French capital from a smaller, less well-to-do town, Martin was tired of living the frugal student life. After a friend introduced him to the idea of sugar dating, he was sold and quickly signed up to sugardaters.

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It was there he saw his opportunity with Marianne, whose profile read clearly: My friends go out a lot and live the high life with the income of their parents.

From my side, I previously had to count every penny and I could not keep up. At the beginning I had never heard of it and thought it was like prostitution so I was really reluctant. I didn't like it much to begin with, but today I see it as a way to crunch life to the fullest without having to worry about money. Suddenly, everything took a very real appearance.

I realized that it was really possible to find a "sugar mama". My story is a bit different from other sugar baby stories you read in the news.

It's now been eight months we've been together. We don't have an exclusive relationship.

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Of course sex is part of the relationship but it's not the point of it, like every kind of relationship. We hang out together, we go on vacation together — we've been to Copenhagen, Brussels, London. The good point about this relationship for me is it helps me have a higher standard [of life] than other students.

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