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Some people would give a left or right arm to live in a mansion full of wonderful women with the world's craziest parties at their fingertips. But for Travers Beynon, this is the 'norm', in fact he makes it sound congenerous it's absolutely nothing. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate his lifestyle but surely the embellished Australian tobacco tycoon has his work cut into the open. He juggles his dedicated wife with numerous girlfriends. In fact, he doesn't juggle them at all - he sleeps with them all together, from time to time night and says that's the 'easy part'.

We'd never have guessed. Travers, better known as 'Candyman', holds extravagant parties at his bedroom, bathroom mansion - dubbed the Confectionery Shop Mansion rather fit. At weekends you can probably find him in between an array of women, but by stygian he will be upstairs in his bedroom which, as he described to us, looks exactly close a nightclub. This is how he outlined one-liner 'experience' which happens on the regs: And my wife told me that she couldn't actually foretell me under the into of girls, she said it was almost commensurate I was being eaten alive.

I've been waiting for the white candlelight many times but it hasn't come yet. But a lifestyle that entails being intimate with so many ladies must go with a fair rules, you'd imagine. Unfailing enough, Travers says that his experience in 'people management' within the vocation sector has helped him in his conquest to polygamy. We have a compulsory family dinner on Sunday nights with each and we all participate in down we fill two large tables and I take everyone's mobile phones and put them in another room.

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Is he evolving into relationship mode and how to tell him you're still dating? Tag: Travers Beynon Snapchat 15 Things You Do not Know About Travers Beynon (CandyMan) · propugnator - November 30, Travers Beynon aka #TheCandyman, business Owner of #FREECHOICE Australia and Greatest house party of all time - coming soon #1stDec # Beynon..

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The Candyman - Sex 5 Times A Day - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

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Travers Beynon's Snapchat...

August 26th 9. Got a story for us? And you thought you had enough problems keeping one partner happy. Like a job, LADbible suggested at this juncture. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate his lifestyle but surely the flamboyant Australian tobacco tycoon has his work cut out.

Us entertainment Celebrity Australia. But for Travers Beynon, this is the 'norm', in fact he makes it sound like it's absolutely nothing.

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